The aim of the Freeszfe Society is to create an autonomous artistic space to guard the 155-year-old tradition of the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest (SZFE). We have built this community to provide an inspiring environment and opportunities for those who no longer tolerated the lack of dialogue and the crushing of artistic freedom. Last year the privatization of SZFE was accompanied by immense national and international protests and expressions of solidarity with the ousted academic staff.  In our Society, the former and current students, teachers and employees of SZFE work together in the spirit of free creation.

We have designed an artistic space where plays, films, short stories, visualdesigns and other works of art can be created freely, without any outsidepressure. We carry out educational activities within the framework of the Emergency Exit Program. Within this European cooperation, foreign universities recognise the education provided by Freeszfe Society, and by doing so, they provide a way of escape for students and teachers alike from the consequences of the new model of the institution that eliminated academic freedom and made autonomous creative work impossible. This unique collaboration is supported by the University Mozarteum (Salzburg), the University of Performing Arts in Ludwigsburg (Akademie für Darstellende Kunst in Baden-Württemberg), the Puppetry Department of the Akademia Teatralna im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza) at Bialystok, the Swiss Academy of Drama (Accademia Teatro Dimitri) and the Filmakademie Wien (Vienna).


While continuing the education of our students, the Society has numerous long-term plans.
We would like to attract new students and teachers into our ranks with adulteducation courses related to film making, communication and theatre arts. Also, we need to find a home and set it up to accomodate our multifacetedactivities. We envision an open art center in Budapest, where we can not only learn, but also present everything we are proud of. And we plan to do this with the strongest involvement of the community supporting us.


For the time being, the members of our community are doing the work necessary for the survival of the Society without any compensation – they teach, administer, plan and organize. However, this is unsustainable in the long run. What’s more, our students have lost their benefits – their scholarships, their health insurence and the possibility of student loans previously garanteed by the government. With all of this in mind, even the tiniest support is much appreciatied, as predictability is the most important for us now. If you can, support us on Patreon or make a donation to our bank account.