MONEY MOUSE FROM FREESZFE - puppettheater, action art/performance and object theatre workshop

Come and learn about postdramatic performance and puppet theater. In the one week workshop led by Kata Csató, Helga Lázár and Stefanie Oberhoff we use Germany-based methods of the aformentioned art forms. You will learn about theory, and you can also try yourself out in the art forms.

You will see and participate in the making of Money Maus for FREESZFE, a political-action art performance. You will also be abel to make your own, local specific political action. The performance will be performed at the Money Maus Rave Party. This way, you will not only learn about theater and performance, but about communication, event-planning and photo and video documentation as well.

Also, during the workshop you will use abstract thinking methods, from the planning to the actualization of a project.


Kata Csató: puppet theater actor and director. She graduated in Polnad. Since 2010 she is teaching in hungarian and international universities, and she is an active actor and director in numerous european theaters.

Helga Lázár: She lives in Lipzig, but she works in Hungary and Germany as director, actor, designer and teacher. As a creator, she is interested in the meeting points of phisical and puppettheater. She is writing her Phd thesis on the theory of puppettheater.

Stefanie Oberhoff: stuttgart-based puppettheater scenographer. She is an actor, director, stage designer, teacher, and an organizer for political art performances. She is mostly interested in intercultural coproductions and creator networks. She often works with artists from Congo, Australia, and Europe.

When: from 1 to 5 August

You must be 18 or older to attend.

Price: 177 EUR (70.000 HUF). The price includes the education,accommodation, and 2 meals/day.

Where: Budapest district X.


The workshop is open to a maximum of 15 applicants, and vacancies will be filled in the order in which they apply.

The application becomes final by paying the training fee! Deadline for payment: July 18.

If you have any questions, please write to