Free education, independent art, social solidarity

(fotó: Fuchs Máté)

How do we use your donation?

You can find our current works and actions on our Facebook page, but let us give you a few specific examples of how much your donation means to us:

3 000 HUF is enough to cover the electricity costs of one classroom and 3 000 HUF per month covers the bill for the whole school year.

6 000 HUF covers the cost of a film history class and 6 000 HUF per month is enough to fund the course for the whole semester.

12 000 HUF buys a costume for an exam performance and 12 000 HUF per month covers all the costumes for a whole theatre performance.

18 000 HUF is enough to rent a camera but if you donate 18 000 HUF monthly we can buy our own camera at the end of the year.

24 000 HUF is the cost of the accommodation for one guest performer from abroad but if many people donate 24 000 HUF per month then we can develop lasting international relationships.

Why do we need your support?

In the first year after it’s foundation, the Freeszfe independent creative workshop was operating on the initial donations and favours and relied on teachers, colleagues and students working day and night without a salary. However, this is not sustainable in the long run: in order to maintain Freeszfe, we need regular income to pay, among others, our utilities, buy tools for teaching and creating productions, and cover the production costs of the students’ exam plays and films. A once-off donation is an immense help, but if you can afford it, we’d like to ask you to support us regularly.